3 Tips To Prevent Warping Of Wood Flooring During Summer Heat And Humidity

In many areas, summer time means unbearable heat and humidity. This can have an effect on many things in your home, such as mechanical systems, as well as finishes like wood floors. If you have wood floors in your home, the heat and humidity can cause warping, checking, cracks and other damage that is unsightly and can be costly to repair. To avoid summer time damage to your wood floors, here are some maintenance tips for the heat and humidity to keep wood in tip-top shape:

1. Use Woods That Are Kiln Dried Or Are Resistant To Climate Changes

Using kiln dried woods when you have your flooring installed can be a great way to prevent summer problems. This is because these woods are dried and milled to a certain moisture content when they are made, which helps to prevent warping problems when the wood is installed. In addition, there are some woods that are naturally resistant to cupping and checking problems. You may want to consider using a tropical wood for your floors if you live in a humid climate where these wood flooring problems are more common.

2. Clean With Small Amounts Of Water And An Oil Cleaner And Wax

Cleaning your wood floors is a task that you may do regularly, but be careful. When you mop your wood floors, do not use a bucket full of soapy water with a little wood cleaner. Instead, use a little amount of water and an oil-based cleaner that is designed for wood. In addition, after you have mopped the floors and they have dried, apply a coat of wax protector that is designed to protect the wood from heat and moisture problems.

3. Use A Humidifier With Your HVAC To Keep Humidity Levels Right

The air conditioner in your home can contribute to the humidity and problems with wood flooring. In the summer heat, you may want to have the AC to keep cool, which is why you may also want to consider installing a humidifier for your home's HVAC system. This will help protect the wood from different changes in humidity levels during the summer months, as well as address the problem of dry air that comes with force-air cooling systems.

These are some tips to help keep wood floors in good condition during the summer heat. If you need help preventing wood floor problems, contact an HVAC service and talk with them about a whole-home humidifier to protect your wood floors and improve the indoor air quality of your home. Contact a contractor, like one at Tailor Made Maintenance Inc, for more information.