Have Flies, Musty Smells And Air Purity Problems? Your AC Unit Could Be The Culprit

Are you noticing a lot of problems in your home now that you've turned on the air conditioning unit for the summer?  If so, it may be time to have your unit serviced and cleaned out, to help it perform better and to make sure there aren't any hazards. 

If the unit isn't cared for properly, you could have problems like insects, bacteria, and fungi in the home. Here are a few problems you may not even realize stem from your air conditioning unit.

Flies and Gnats in the Home

Do you have small flies and gnats coming out of the vents in your home? If so, they could be coming from the air conditioning unit and then they circulate around the house when the air kicks on. Moisture accumulation in the air conditioner unit can attract the flies, and then they nest and lay eggs causing an infestation. Have the air conditioning experts treat the unit. You may have to clean out the entire ventilation system and treat the house also.

Smells of Mold and Mildew

Are smells of mold and mildew flowing through the house, and every time you turn on the air conditioner you get a whiff of something musty? Moisture from the AC unit that gets pushed into the vents can start to cause mold and mildew, which spread throughout the house and becomes a problem in the ventilation system. Have your house treated for mold and mildew if you think you've had this problem for a long time.

Allergies and Asthma Issues

Do you have a lot of allergies and asthma issues that you didn't have before, or does someone else in the family?  A dirty ventilation system can trigger these things, along with a filthy air conditioner and dirty furnace. Have the systems cleaned out and consider adding a machine that purifies the air of toxins. 

If you know that your AC unit hasn't been serviced since you have lived in the house, or that it has been years since you've had a repair person look at it, you want to get an expert (such as one from Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing) to your property so you can get it cleaned and looked at. Your dirty unit won't run as efficiently when dirty and is costing you money. The experts will see if there are any mechanical issues that need to be resolved, or if they problems that you're having are coming from the AC unit.