Should I Create A New HVAC System For My Home Addition?

If you're adding new space to your home, you may be wondering whether it's best to add on to your existing HVAC framework or to create a new system entirely for the addition. Here are three questions that you should review with your HVAC contractor before making a decision. 

How Much Would it Cost to Add On?

The first thing to look at is whether it would be more expensive to add new materials to your existing HVAC structure or to start anew. This is not as straightforward as it sounds. Sometimes, the cost adds up quickly for tearing open walls to add new ductwork, opening existing ducts to add Y connectors, and being sure to support existing HVAC structure as pressure is being applied to it. It can be simpler, and sometimes more cost-effective, to start a new HVAC plan in your new home area, and you won't be limited by any mistakes that were made in your old HVAC system. 

Does Your AC and Furnace Have Enough Power?

Even if it would be feasible to add new structure to your existing network, the capacity of your furnace and air conditioning system must be considered. Unless you have been planning your home addition for a long time, your old HVAC installation team probably chose a furnace with a capacity that fit with your old HVAC system. Adding additional ductwork can place a strain on the machine, causing you to have mediocre heating and cooling results. 

You can estimate the power needs of your AC system by calculating your total square footage in the home. Many AC units have charts available to see how their power corresponds with cooling space. Otherwise, just ask your HVAC installation contractor whether the AC can handle the addition of your new space. 

Do I Want to Use New Technologies?

You may also want to just start fresh if you would like to try out some new heating and cooling technologies. Geothermal heating elements or heat pumps can help you to reduce your heating bills in the new space by using some environmental temperature reserves to partially or fully heat the space. 

Deciding whether to add on to your HVAC system or to create a new one is a big decision, so don't be afraid to ask questions and get cost estimates where applicable, so that you create a system that will run more efficiently.