Emerging Eco-Friendly Technologies For Heating Your Home

If you're looking for new eco-friendly ways to keep your house warm during cold days, you're in luck since this is exactly what's becoming available more and more these days. Here are some examples of eco-friendly approaches to keeping your house warm that let you keep the best of both worlds between being green and cost-friendly.

Active Solar Systems

Obviously, everyone knows about solar systems for generating heat by now. However, new technology has added a new wrinkle to the old paradigm. Essentially, active solar systems use solar energy to heat a liquid instead of getting the energy into a photovoltaic panel directly. Some of the systems can instead heat air, but either way, this heat is then transferred.

The transferred heat usually goes either to fans that blow heat throughout a home or into radiators. Many traditional systems instead gain electricity and then use the electricity for heat or other purposes. By skipping the middle step, efficiency is increased. This system tends to work better in latitudes and areas that gain more sunlight during the winter.

This combination of increased efficiency and new incentives from state and federal tax programs mean that using active solar heating systems might be worth it now even if you've determined it wasn't worth it for your system previously.

Digitally Controlled Steam

One interesting approach that you may not have thought of previously is using steam heating to help maintain the environmental temperature you want at your home. This isn't a new technology in and of itself, but new advances are making it so that the efficiency of steam radiators is going up.

This is done with digitally controlled insulation covers with fans in them that go over the radiator coils. This cover is able to perfectly keep steam heat inside the coil until it's needed. That way you aren't wasting any heat. Then, when a sensor in the digital devices notices that the temperature in the room is below requested levels, the fan activates and it blows air heated by steam into the room.

It's even possible with some of these systems to control them remotely by using apps and other systems. This way, steam heat is retained inside the radiator until it's needed and less is wasted.

In general, new technologies like these will constantly change the math when it comes to the benefits of eco-efficient heating systems. That's why it's important to stay on top of the new trends.

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