Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems That Leave You Without Heat During Cold Weather

Cold weather means that you need to have the heating turned up to prevent freezing and other problems. Problems can arise when you least expect them and leave you without heating when you need it most. Knowing a few simple troubleshooting tips can help you solve the problems quickly and warm the house back up. 

1. Checking the Filter and Vents for Clear Airflow

Filters and airflow are important for your heating to work efficiently. Air filters need to be changed regularly to ensure your furnace is working properly. The air filter can get clogged up with dust and debris that cause your heating to not work efficiently. If you notice that air is not flowing out of vents as it should, check the filters and clean vents to improve the airflow of your HVAC system. Changing air filters is something that needs to be done whenever you are using heating or cooling in your home.

2. Thermostats That Have Bad Batteries or Have Stopped Working

Thermostats are another component of your HVAC system that can cause your heating to not work properly. Many modern HVAC systems use thermostats with batteries, which will malfunction if the batteries are dead. To ensure your heating is working properly, make sure the thermostat has good batteries. In addition, some older thermostats may eventually fail and need to be completely replaced, which is something an HVAC repair service will be able to do for you quickly. A modern, programmable thermostat will also help improve energy efficiency.

3. The Pilot Light Going Out or the Gas Still Being Turned off on Furnaces

The pilot light in gas furnaces is very important, and when it goes out, your heating will not work. One of the first things that you should check when your heating is not working is the pilot light. If you have not used your heating this year, you may have even forgotten to turn the gas back on for the furnace. This is a common problem that is simple to fix by checking the pilot light and making sure the gas is turned on.

The problem that is causing your furnace to not heat your home properly is most likely simple to fix. Contact an HVAC technician to help with some of the repairs that you may need to help with to ensure your furnace is working when you need your heating most.