Furnace Maintenance And Care Tips

There's nothing better than coming in on a bitterly cold day to your cozy warm house - that is if your furnace is working properly. If your furnace isn't cared for properly, you could wind up in the cold. If that happens, you may be looking to find a technician to come work on your furnace in that bitter cold and may need to pay a little extra if it's an emergency. Prevent this from happening by caring and maintaining your furnace properly. See below for some tips to maintain your furnace:

Replace The Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system should be replaced every month to prevent a blockage in the airflow to your system. If your filter is clogged with dust and allergens, it could choke your system. Replace the filter every month with a new one. Slide the old one out and put the new one in its place. It only takes a few minutes and a few extra bucks, and it could prevent a  breakdown of your furnace and a costly repair call.

Keep A Clear Perimeter

Clear the area around your furnace to prevent a blockage of air flow as well. You shouldn't use the area surrounding your furnace for storing anything and should keep at least 3 feet clearance all the way around your furnace. If you're looking for a place to store your belongings, next to your furnace is not the place. it can block the airflow and can be a hazard as well.

Clean The Furnace

Clean the furnace itself, especially if you have a lot of pet dander in your home. Pet dander and fur can accumulate in your furnace, so open up the front panel and vacuum it with your extension hose to clear up this debris. All of this debris can make your furnace work a little harder, which may result in a premature breakdown of your furnace.

Vacuum Vents

Your furnace isn't the only area that is accumulating with dust and dander. The vents around your home can also accumulate with this same debris. Vacuum your vents at least once per month to prevent that build up from getting blown throughout your home and getting back to your furnace. Having your ductwork cleaned each year will help as well. Both will help your furnace run more efficiently.

Your furnace keeps you warm on those bitterly cold winter days. Maintain your furnace to keep it running efficiently. Contact a professional heating systems company to have your furnace maintained and cleaned for you.