Two Essential HVAC Maintenance Jobs

If you think that your HVAC system could use some maintenance, to increase the efficiency, there are a few things you can do. While most people leave all of their HVAC maintenance to professional technicians, you can do a few jobs yourself. This article explains two simple jobs that are cheap and could instantly increase the productivity of your HVAC system:

Regular Filter Replacement

One important thing that will contribute to a healthy furnace and added efficiency of the entire HVAC system is the regular replacement of the filter. The filter is usually located inside the main furnace cabinet; it only takes a matter of seconds to check it. Just open up the cabinet door and look at the filter, it may be pulled out of the compartment, but you can instantly see if it is dirty. Most filters have a color indicator that will tell you when it needs to be changed. Otherwise, if it looks dirty, change it. It's a simple as that. Unfortunately, many people neglect this, and they end up with a less efficient furnace.

Keeping Clean Coils

The coils on your condenser unit, or heat pump, are very important when comes to the flow of refrigerants through your lines. If this flow is slowed down, you AC will struggle to produce cold air and your heater will struggle to produce hot air. Basically, your system will work harder and waste more electricity.

Cleaning the condenser coils is super cheap and simple as long as you have a hose with moderate water pressure. Don't use a pressure washer. The problem is that if you never clean your coils, the dirt buildup can become caked on and almost impossible to remove with just water. Just spray the coils out with some water. If this doesn't wash away all of the dirt, try spraying some soap into the coils. If this doesn't work either, you can invest in heavy duty condenser coil cleaner. You spray the cleaner directly onto the coils, then let it foam up and break down the dirt, and wash it out with water. No matter what you use, the goal is to just wash any dirt out of the gaps between the coils.

Both of these jobs are not only very simple, but they are surprisingly effective. If warmer air is entering your duct system, it is also going to be warmer when it comes into your rooms. Contact an air conditioning specialist for more information and assistance.