Avoid Summertime Boiler Neglect With These Tips

Winter shouldn't be the only time you pay attention to your boiler. Like many other aspects of your home, your boiler benefits most from year-round maintenance and upkeep. So even though your boiler is off-line for the summer, it still needs plenty of care and attention to stay in shape for the times you need your boiler most.

You can use the following tips to keep your boiler in excellent condition while it's dormant for the summer season.

Check for Rust and Corrosion

The first thing you want to do is visually inspect your boiler for any signs of visible rust and corrosion. A little surface rust won't hurt your boiler, but it should be a cause for concern. Signs of heavy rust and corrosion buildup, on the other hand, should be treated seriously.

In addition to checking the outer tank for rust, you should also check the chimney and flue for damage caused by corrosion. Damage to these components can allow poisonous gases to travel back into your home the next time you start your boiler.

Flush the Boiler

Mineral deposits and rust can wreak havoc on your boiler, even when it's not in operation. Both types of residue can eventually form a sludge-like material along the bottom of the boiler, reducing overall capacity along with your boiler's heating performance.

With your boiler currently off-line for summer, now is a good time to give it a thorough flush. Flushing the boiler helps loosen and remove sludge from your system. If your home also uses radiators for heat, you should bleed them shortly after flushing your boiler to avoid leaving trapped air in the system.

Check for Leaks

Even the most reliable boiler can develop a leak or two if you're not careful. For this reason, you should take the opportunity to go over your entire boiler for leaks. Known rust spots on the boiler tank are a common area for leaks. You should also go over all seams and welds just to make sure your boiler isn't leaking from these areas.

You should also take a close look at the various pipe fittings and valves in your boiler. Not only should these components be leak-free, but you should also have your check valves tested to make sure they function correctly. A frozen relief valve can put your boiler in danger of potentially catastrophic damage.

By giving your boiler the attention it needs during the summer, you'll be able to enjoy excellent heating performance throughout the fall and winter. To learn more, contact a company that specializes in HVAC services