3 Tips To Maintain A Cool Home While Running Your AC System This Summer

The summer season can be brutally hot outdoors, so you are most likely running your air conditioning all through the season. In most cases, the air conditioning system will be able to keep up with the intense temperatures, ensuring your home and family are cool while maintaining healthy humidity levels inside the house. However, cooling your home throughout the hot season can be difficult if your system is in distress. In addition, cooling in the summer season can become costly. If you are searching for ways to maintain a cool home or improve the function of your air conditioner, here are a few options to consider.

Trust the Pros

One of the easiest ways to ensure your cooling system is in proper working condition is schedule a seasonal tune-up by a professional from a place like Estes Heating & Air Conditioning. Conducted by the professionals, this tune-up inspects the entire air conditioning system, cleans the exterior units, and replaces filters inside the home.

During the inspection, contractors will be able to determine if your system is cooling in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This reduces stress on the system, extends the system's lifespan, and reduces your energy bills.

Clogged filters block airflow into the home, preventing your home from reaching the cooled temperature. Changing the filters is one of the most important tasks that the professionals and yourself can do to improve how well your system cools. Even though filters will be inspected and replaced, if necessary, during the tune-up, you should be replacing your filters every few months to ensure proper air flow.

Treat your Windows

During the summer season, a great deal of heat and harmful rays from the sun move into your home through the windows. Also, conditioned air can escape through windows that are old or poorly insulated.

To improve the air conditioner's ability to keep your home cool during the summer, consider installing window treatments. Fortunately, you do not have to spend an excessive amount of money to dress your windows, since there are so many options available.

For a simple look, consider lined drapes. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, drapes can cover your windows during the day, blocking out the heat and UV rays, while providing you with some privacy.

Insulated shades are also an option to consider. Many experts believe cellular shades offer the highest R-value of all window treatments. They can reduce solar heat gain through the windows by an estimated 80 percent.

Fan Yourself

Another surprising way to keep your home cool while running your air conditioning is to run your ceiling fans.

As your cooling system is running, run the ceiling fans in the main rooms of your home. The fans will circulate the cooled air, maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors even though temperatures are so high outdoors.

It is important to adjust your ceiling fans to circulate air the right way. In the summer, ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise at a higher speed for the best circulation of cooled air.

Other fans in your home should also run during periods of excessive heat, even when you are running the air conditioner.

Make sure your bathroom fans are running, especially after taking a bath or shower. These fans are not only meant to pull moisture out of your bathroom, but they also work to pull heat out of the space.

In the kitchen, run your exhaust fan over the cooktop or oven. This is also important for pulling both moisture/steam and heat out of the home.

Maintaining a cooled home in the summer does not have to be overwhelming. These simple tips will keep your home and family comfortable throughout the summer season.