2 Tips For Choosing A Spot For Your New Central AC Unit

After living with fans and window AC units to keep cool in the summertime, you may have finally decided to have central air conditioning installed in your home. However, after learning that the unit itself must be located outside, you may be in the process of deciding where to put it. If so, use the following tips to help you choose an ideal spot of your new central AC unit.

1.  Pick a Spot away from Obstacles

For a central air conditioning unit to run efficiently, it needs to have unobstructed airflow throughout the system, starting with the air coming through the exterior vents. Because of this need, the unit should have nothing directly next to it that could block the flow of air.

When trying to pick a location for the unit, first look at the brushes, trees, and other plants on your property near your home. Look for areas that have spaces that are a foot or two larger than the width of the air conditioner so that it has space to "breathe."

If your home is completely surrounded by bushes, flowers, and trees, however, you will have to decide which ones to cut down or prune back. Or, if possible, transplant smaller plants or bushes a few feet away from the outer perimeter of the area where you want your AC unit.

2.  Select a Piece of Flat Ground

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few clear areas around your home, the next thing you need to do is look at the ground. Ideally, the AC unit should rest on flat ground to keep it from being tilted. If it is tilted, this could cause a strain on the compressor, motor, and fan, which could cause the unit not to work properly.

Stay away from any slopes in your yard, especially spots that are at the bottom of the incline, as this would allow water to run into the unit. If your home is on a hill, and the terrain slopes away from your home from all sides, speak with the professional who is installing your system for suggestions.

Using the above tips can help you narrow down your choices for a place to put your new AC unit. However, if you have unusual terrain on your property or simply do not know what spot would be the best, speak with your HVAC installation contractor to have them help you pick out where to position your new air conditioner.