2 Possible Reasons Why Your Central AC Unit Is Making Your Home Too Humid

While you mostly depend on your central air conditioner to keep your home cool during the summer months, you may or may not realize that the unit also helps to pull moisture out of the air and lower the humidity inside of your house. If your home's interior suddenly feels as though it is located in the tropics, one of the reasons below may be causing the issue.

1.  Condenser Coils Inside the AC Unit Are Dirty

As part of your AC unit's function as a dehumidifier for your home, its condenser coils are essential for extracting the moisture out of the air before it is pushed back into your house. As the warm air comes into contact with the coils, it is cooled and dried.

However, this function depends on the air being able to fully come into contact with the coils. If the coils have become too dirty and the surface is filmy, they will have trouble pulling out the moisture. Since the air is still moist when it is forced back through the system and into your home, the interior air will be humid.

One way you could fix this is to turn off the unit and attempt to clean the coils yourself with a damp cloth. If this does not work, the coils may be damaged and should be looked at by an AC repair technician.

2.  Airflow Through the System Is Too Low

Another issue that could be causing the air in your home to be humid is that the airflow through the system is too low. When not enough air goes past the coils and condenser, the air remains moist and increases the humidity in your house.

One possible cause is the air filter has become partially blocked. You can try changing or cleaning the filter, depending on whether your unit uses replaceable or reusable ones, to see if this improves things. If not, the airflow regulator itself may need to be adjusted by a professional.

If you have cleaned the coils and changed the air filter but still feel that your house is too humid, there could be another problem that is causing the issue which needs a professional's attention. Contact an AC repair service to have them inspect the unit and determine why it is not pulling the humidity out of the air properly as well as take any necessary actions to fix the problem.