Typical Signs Of Frozen Plumbing Pipes

Frozen plumbing pipes are dangerous because, apart from affecting plumbing efficiency, they can also burst and cause water damage. You should know the telltale signs of water damage so that you can preempt the associated problems. Below are some of the signs that might mean that something is blocking your plumbing pipes.

No Water

For supply pipes, the most obvious sing of frozen pipes is the lack of flowing water from the faucets. You might notice this if the temperatures are low and the pipes are completely frozen. You might also notice low water pressure if the pipes are not completely frozen.

Strange Smells

For frozen drainage pipes, you might notice strange smells from your drain openings. The smells will start when ice block sections of the pipes and the wastes can't flow. The trapped wastes will decompose inside the pipes and fill your house with sewer odor. Note that this is a late-stage symptom, and it might only come up after the drainage pipes have had ice in them for some time.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds, both from supply and drainage pipes, should tell you that something is blocking your plumbing system. In the case of frozen pipes, chunks of ice might break away and low along the pipes, making noise when they hit the sides of the pipes or pipe corners. The noises can also be due to water hammers caused by high water pressure. Frozen sections of the pipe can lead to high water pressure because they reduce the effective diameters of the pipes.


For exposed pipes, you may also notice frost on the outer surfaces of the pipes. In fact, you should inspect your water pipes if the temperatures are freezing. Take measures to prevent water damage if you notice frost on the pipes. For example, you can begin to heat your pipes, turn off the water supply, or call a plumber for help.

Signs of Water Damage

Lastly, signs of water damage can also tell you that your plumbing pipes are frozen. Unfortunately, you will have at least one busted pipe by the time you notice these signs. Some of the signs to watch out for include signs of water damage such as peeling paint, increased humidity in the house, and mold infestation.

Turn off your water supply the minute you suspect a water line is frozen. Hopefully, you will be able to unfreeze the pipes before serious damage. Contact a plumber for help in case you spot the problem after the damage has already occurred. 

For more information, reach out to plumbing services.