Heater Repairs to Schedule Now Before the Cold Winter Months Arrive

Before the winter months arrive, you should have the heating system serviced and repairs done to avoid surprises. The following heating repairs are some of the issues you will want to be prepared for this winter:

Ductwork and Air Handler Problems

The air handler and ductwork of your heating system can be the first areas where you have problems this winter. The air handler is what delivers air to the plenum and ductwork throughout your home. When there are leaks and problems with damage to the ductwork and plenum, it can cause your heater to be less efficient or barely keep your home warm. Therefore, some of the first repairs that may need to be done to your heater include fixing problems with the air handler, plenum, and ductwork.

Electrical and Heater Thermostat Problems

Electrical and thermostat problems are common issues that may cause the heater to not turn on when it should. Always check breakers and the main power switch for your heater first. After you have checked breakers and switches, you can check the settings on the thermostat to make sure it is working correctly. Lastly, if there is still an electrical problem, and the heater does not turn on, the electrical circuits in the furnace will need to be checked and may need repairs.

Furnace Blower and Fan Issues

The blower of your furnace is what delivers the warm air through the ductwork of your heater. If you start the winter season with cleaning dirty parts like blower motors, you will also want to be prepared for potential failures. Even though the blower was cleaned, dirt and dust may have already caused damage. One of the repairs that you may need to deal with when your heater does not blow enough air through HVAC vents is repairing or replacing the blower.

Dirty Elements and Pilot Light Issues

Dirty furnace parts can cause a lot of problems during the cold winter weather. First, if you have an electric furnace, the problem can cause heating elements to fail, and they will need to be replaced. If your household heater uses a gas furnace, you may have similar problems with the pilot light and heating element, which may need to be repaired during cold weather if your heater is not keeping your home warm as is should.

Being prepared for heating problems will ensure your home stays warm all winter, and not wait for repairs to be done. If there is an issue with your household heating, contact a heater repair service to fix the problem before the weather gets colder.