Why Is There So Much Humidity in Your House?

Your home's furnace and air conditioner are amazing inventions and serve a multitude of purposes. While the obvious benefits of having a good HVAC system are things like a warm home in the winter and a cool one in the summer, proper HVAC services in your house will also keep your home at a decent level of humidity. If it's too high, it'll leave you feeling hot and sticky, even if the actual air temperature is fine. In fact, what you want is some level of humidity in your home; if it rises above 50%, you can notice a bunch of other issues with your home.

What Happens if There's Too Much Humidity?

As mentioned above, maintaining a humidity level of around 50% is ideal for many reasons. First of all, having a decent level of humidity has been proven to reduce allergens and dust mites in your home, making the air healthier and cleaner. It can also help against virus control, as heavy air causes the viruses to literally drop to the ground.

Unfortunately, too much humidity can also cause premature wear and tear on the wood in your home, such as baseboards and wooden furniture. It can also cause your paint to peel, form condensation on the windows and mirrors in your home, and even create mold and mildew in your air vents. Needless to say, while some humidity is good, too much can cause a lot of problems.

Why Is the Humidity So High?

One of the many HVAC services that your air conditioner and furnace perform for your home is regulating the amount of humidity in your house. Your home's AC unit does this by allowing warm air to pass by the condenser coils and cool it down, then spitting it out inside of your house. Your home may experience high humidity if you run an oversized air conditioner since it can cool the air too fast for the humidity to fully leave the air. A simple way to tell if your air conditioner is too big for your house is by measuring how long the unit stays on during really hot days: if it only runs for 10 minutes or so, that is probably too large for your house.

Another reason that there may be too much humidity in your home is simply because of the location. Warmer climates such as Florida and California have higher levels of humidity in general and your AC unit simply can't process all of it. If you want to eliminate as much as possible, one of the HVAC services that is generally performed in these scenarios is an added dehumidifier onto your HVAC system. This gives your system a little extra boost to take the humidity out of the air and leave you feeling more comfortable.

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