Reasons Why Your Toilet Continuously Clogs

When your toilet is clogging, your first instinct is to reach for your plunger. However, if you are dealing with constant clogs, you need to figure out why so you can remedy the situation and stop dealing with so many clogs. After all, plunging is simply a temporary solution, and you need a more permanent fix. There are numerous reasons why your toilet may be clogging so frequently. Keep reading to learn a few of them, and reach out to a local plumbing service if the clog is serious.

Your Toilet Is Old

If your home is equipped with an older toilet, it may be possible that the equipment is not able to handle a high number of flushes. By upgrading to a modern toilet, you can ensure that the toilet is able to work efficiently. Most modern toilets are designed to reduce water usage while also clearing out the toilet bowl fully, allowing you to improve your household and the environment at the same time.

Your Fill Valve Is Defective

You should check to make certain that the fill valve in the toilet is working as it should. This particular component is a mechanism that is located within the toilet tank that makes sure there is a sufficient amount of water for the toilet to flush properly. If the tank fails to fill with the proper amount of water, then clogs are far more likely.

You Have a Blockage in the Pipes

There is also a chance that there is a blockage in the pipes beyond your toilet. If this is the case, the blockage is likely the result of items being flushed down the toilet that shouldn't have been. For instance, if an item like a razor, toothbrush, or toy car accidentally fell into the toilet and got flushed, it may have debris collected around it, resulting in a clog.

You Have Sewage Line Problems

Your toilet may be clogging due to a large sewer line issue in the neighborhood. Tree roots growing into the line, broken pipes, or even corroded metal sewer pipes can all be problems that cause issues in your home. Unfortunately, as a homeowner, there is not much you can do to prevent these issues. However, routine maintenance and inspections on your sewer line can help in detecting small problems before they have a chance to get out of control and become large and expensive issues.

If you have noticed that your toilet is clogging more than it should, don't wait to try to fit the problem. Contact a plumbing professional in your area so that the problem can be detected and repaired before the problem becomes too large and causes significant damage inside of your home.