The Importance Of Air Conditioning Repair Service When The Compressor Ices Up

On hot days, a household expects a lot from its central air system. Running the AC most of the day puts an extra burden on the equipment. That can cause a worn part to malfunction or break. This is more likely if the homeowners have not scheduled annual maintenance on the system in recent years. Air conditioning repair contractors provide prompt service when something is not working properly.

Ice Accumulation

Ice accumulating on the exterior of the compressor is a disconcerting sight. A household resident typically sees this when investigating why the home is becoming too warm when the unit is running.

Turning off the air conditioner is crucial when it has frosted up. Ice likely has also built up inside, and the unit must defrost. Running it with ice inside can damage the equipment. Sometimes large amounts develop on top. These hard formations can break off and fall onto the fan and the wiring.

Easy Potential Solutions

Frost may develop when the system has been working too hard to cool the home during very hot weather. After the ice is gone, a person might try running the central air with the thermostat set a few degrees higher. Another issue could be restricted airflow into the interior equipment because of a dirty air filter. Changing the filter might do the trick.

If frost forms again, this indicates a component is malfunctioning. The homeowners should call a repair service and not run the air conditioner until it has been fixed.

Possible Problems

Several types of problems can cause ice accumulation around and inside of the compressor. The most common reason this happens is a low level of refrigerant due to a leak. A skilled technician finds and fixes the leak, and refills the refrigerant.

If the supply is adequate, the technician checks for other issues. The evaporator coil may need to be cleaned. A clogged drain or refrigerant line could be the problem. A valve might be malfunctioning. The problem could be with the fan motor.  

Repair and Prevention

Calling for repair service before running the central air again is important for preventing damage. In the future, hiring an air conditioning service to inspect the components and perform maintenance should be done yearly. The technician cleans the interior and exterior equipment, makes necessary adjustments, and replaces worn parts. This significantly reduces the chance of breakdowns, boosts efficiency, and increases the lifespan of the equipment.