Here Is How You Know You Need To Replace The Furnace In Your Home

The comfort of your home during the cold season depends on the quality of your furnace and its efficiency. Your home will be warm and cozy during the winter when you have an efficient furnace. However, the unit is also one of those appliances that undergo much wear and tear throughout their lifetime. That's why it's critical to always check on your unit's condition regularly. Typically, your furnace will give you indicators that it is about the break before it does. 

Here are the three main ways you can tell that your furnace is damaged beyond repair and you need a new one.

The Color of the Burner Flame Has Changed

An efficient furnace burns with a blue light. You should always check your unit to make sure that the color remains the same. Any color change is an indication that combustion is not as efficient as it should be. Incomplete combustion may mean that your home could be harboring poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. 

Unfortunately, the gas is odorless and colorless, which makes it hard to detect. The only way to tell that your home has possible carbon monoxide poisoning is through the color of the flame and rust in the flue pipes. Call an expert to help replace the furnace as soon as you notice these signs to avoid further poisoning.

The Furnace Is Old

The age of the furnace is also closely connected to its function and efficiency. In most cases, the efficiency of the heating unit drops as it ages. A point comes when repairs and adjustments can't help improve the performance of the furnace. 

In this case, you should consider replacing your furnace if you have had it for more than a decade. Additionally, signs like frequent breakdowns and other damage indicate that it is time to replace the old unit with a new and more efficient one.

The Heating Bill Is Unmanageable

The other way to tell when you need to replace your furnace is by the pattern of your energy bills. You usually know the monthly amount you expect to pay after using your furnace for a month. If the amount has gone up and you haven't installed another appliance, then your furnace may need replacement. Old and inefficient furnaces need more fuel to keep your home as warm as you want. A new furnace will restore energy efficiency and bring down the heating bill.

Consider choosing a new furnace from a reputable supplier and look for a competent technician to install it. The expert will minimize all damage and losses when installing the furnace and ensure it keeps your home warm. 

For more information, contact a furnace replacement service.