Starting Your Summer With Air Conditioner Services To Update And Prepare Your System

Before the AC in your home is turned on, it may need to be serviced. Now is a good time to start upgrades and have them done before summer. This will help ensure your air conditioning is working efficiently without any problems when you need it. The following air conditioner services will help you with upgrades and the maintenance your AC needs before turning it on:

Replacing the AC Unit Before Summer

You may want to start planning on having your AC unit replaced this spring. Today, there are several options for a more efficient AC system. Some options to consider when having your AC condenser replaced include:

  • AC heat pump systems
  • High-efficiency, solar-ready AC condensing unit
  • Hybrid evaporative cooling and AC condensing unit

If you want the most efficiency when you replace the AC condensing unit, consider options like solar-ready designs or an AC heat pump.

Upgrading the Blower and Ductwork

The blower motor is one of the areas where you may need to work to improve your system's design. Today, more efficient blower fans can be installed to upgrade your AC. The newer blower motors can have a variable-speed design for efficiency and be combined with ductwork improvements. You may want to ask about making changes to ducts to avoid energy loss. In addition, you can also have booster fans installed in the ducts to improve the airflow of your system.

Thermostat Controls and Zoned HVAC Design

There are also options for thermostat controls that can improve the efficiency of your system. The digital programmable thermostats are a tried-and-true option to update your older AC with modern technology that improves its efficiency. In addition to the programmable thermostats, there are also options for smart thermostats that use AI technology to memorize settings and use other available data to maximize your HVAC system's efficiency.

An AC Tune-Up and the Summer Maintenance

After you have invested in upgrades to your air conditioning, you want to be sure that it is working efficiently. Therefore, an AC tune-up may be needed to ensure everything is working efficiently together. The tune-up includes all the basic maintenance that your AC needs and calibrating the thermostat and inspecting the system for issues that need to be addressed.

The maintenance you do now will prevent problems with your air conditioner during the summer heat. Contact a residential AC service in your area for help updating your system and doing maintenance before the weather is hotter.