Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Down Your Home

Do you have a problem where your home's central air conditioner is not getting your home as cool as you would like? If so, you want to look into the reasons why this could be happening. Here are a few potential reasons for air-conditioning repair.

The Condenser Is Not Working

Do you hear the air conditioner turning on, but the air is not warm? It is worth heading outside to check the condenser. It is possible that the outdoor condenser is either not turning on or not working properly, even if the indoor components seem just fine. A condenser that is not turning on could be due to something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or something much more serious that requires repair. 

The Capacitor Is Bad

Many air conditioners have a dual capacity, which is like a battery for the fan and the compressor. What can happen is that the side of the capacitor that powers the compressor has died, but the other side powering the fan is running. It makes it seem like the entire compressor is running, but it actually isn't. You would need to test the capacitor to verify if it is the part that is failing, and then replace it with a new one. 

The Compressor Is Locked Up

If the capacitor is good in the previous situation, you could have a compressor that is locked up and not starting. There are modifications that you can have an HVAC technician make to install what is known as a hard start kit, which gives the compressor the boost it needs to run. It will certainly extend the life of the compressor and avoid unnecessary replacement.

The Condenser Fan Is Bad

If the compressor is running and the fan blade is not spinning, then you know that you have a bad compressor fan. The motor may be completely seized up and not spinning at all or look like it is struggling to spin. This will require the fan motor to be repaired or replaced to get it running again.

The Filter Is Dirty

It's important to never neglect the filter because changing the filter could be a simple fix that gets the air cool again. If there is too much dirt and debris in the filter, airflow will be restricted to the ductwork and prevent cool air from flowing through. It can also cause the unit to freeze, which prevents the system from producing air that is as cool as it could be.