5 Upgrades A Plumber Can Do To Add Value In Your Home

Do you think your home could need a plumbing upgrade? This home improvement project is one of the best investments you can make to add value to your home. Upgrading the plumbing offers practicality, convenience, and comfort. Good plumbing is important for running essentials for a functional home, including the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen. Fortunately, advances in plumbing technology offer water efficiency and better water flow control. With a good plumber, you can make affordable upgrades that make your home more valuable. What are some of these plumbing upgrades?

1. Upgrade the Piping

Older plumbing systems employed clay, lead, cast iron, and galvanized steel. These older pipelines are prone to corrosion and cracking. Lead plumbing is especially dangerous because it has been linked to cancer risks. The taste of water from clay and iron pipes is distinctive.

You can improve the safety and taste of your drinking water by upgrading your pipework. Copper piping can be utilized to transport drinking water if you have a good budget. Copper will not change the taste of your water because it is corrosion-resistant. Replace your old waste pipes with PEX plastic waste pipes, which are less expensive and easier to install.

2. Install Pull-out Faucets

One of the most convenient plumbing upgrades you can do is replace your old faucets with pull-out faucets. The extending spout on these faucets allows you to reach far back corners and sinks without having to move the entire tap. The manipulation of these faucets frees up space in the sink, enabling more efficient use of the area. Bulky goods like pans and pots become easier to clean.

3. Install Low-flow Faucets and Showers

Low-flow faucets and showers are also useful water-saving plumbing solutions. They utilize about two gallons of water per minute, compared to six gallons per minute for previous ones. Low-flow water fittings can be installed by your plumber to match your new design.

4. Install a Water Efficient Toilet

One of the most cost-effective plumbing renovations you can do is to install dual-flush toilets. On these toilets, there are two flushing actions: one flushes liquid waste, and the other flushes solid waste. Traditional toilets consume more water and are therefore less environmentally friendly than dual-flush toilets. You need to make the switch to better water efficiency.

5. Upgrade to an Energy-efficient Water Heater

One of the most effective ways to improve your home's plumbing system is to install an energy-efficient water heater. These heaters utilize less energy to heat the same amount of water as older ones. This sort of water heater might help you save money on your energy expenses if you have a large household.

Would you like to see more water-saving, practical, and effective plumbing? Consult a plumber about upgrades that will increase the value of your home.