How to Tell If Your Home Has a Water Leak and the Plumbing Services You May Need

If your water bill keeps getting higher, you might have a water leak somewhere. Leaks are never good since they waste water, drive up your bill, and cause water damage to your home. Determining if you have a leak and then finding where the leak is located isn't always easy. You might need to contact a plumber for assistance. Here are some things to try. 

Talk to Your Water Company

Water rates go up occasionally, so you may want to rule out a price increase as the cause of your high water bill. The water company should be able to check your rate and your monthly usage over the course of several months to tell if you're using more water. If you pay your bill online, you might also check your account's history for monthly water consumption.

If the consumption suddenly goes up or keeps going up gradually over a period of months, that's a good sign you have a water leak unless there is another reason for increased water usage such as getting a washer or roommates.

Monitor the Water Meter

Another way to tell if you have a leak is to monitor your water meter. Write down the meter reading and then don't use your water for a couple of hours and read the meter again. If the numbers go up and you didn't turn a faucet on or use a toilet, that's a good sign of a water leak.

The next step is to turn the water off at the water main where water enters your house. Leave the water off for a couple of hours and then read the meter again. If the numbers go up, the leak is on the meter side of the shut-off valve. If the numbers don't go up, the leak is inside your house and is stopped when you turn the water off at the shut-off valve.

Search for the Leak

If you haven't noticed a faucet or toilet leaking already, then the leak could be hidden behind a wall, under the floor, or even outdoors under the ground. You might try listening around the house for sounds of running water, looking for signs of water damage, such as peeling paint and looking for mold. You may need to call a plumber to find the leak using leak detection equipment.

A plumber can locate a leaking pipe even when the pipe is buried under soil or concrete. Leak detection is one of the plumbing services that come in handy so you don't have to tear up your yard or floor just to track down a leak.

Make Repairs to the Pipe

A few plumbing services are available for pipe repair. Your plumber might use pipelining, patch repairs, or pipe replacement to deal with a leaky pipe. The repair method chosen depends on the type of pipe, the extent of damage, and where the pipe is located. A leak that's under your driveway or under the foundation of your home can be tricky and expensive to repair if the pipe has to be dug up. In that case, lining could be the right solution. However, your plumber can help you decide on the right way to stop the leak and put an end to the risk of water damage to your home.

If you are in need of plumber services, make sure to reach out to a local plumber.