3 Residential HVAC Services That Will Improve Your AC’s Efficiency

Air conditioners account for a considerable amount of energy expenditures in several households. During the summer months, they may even be the biggest energy users. It's easy to tell if your AC isn't operating effectively, especially if you notice it has unique sounds, cycling on and off, or accumulating ice. The good news is that a technician can improve your unit's effectiveness and minimize your energy bills significantly. In this article, you'll learn some residential HVAC services that these professionals offer to enhance efficiency.

Vent Cleaning

It's essential to have your AC's air vents frequently inspected to ensure they're not covered with dirt, grime, or pet hair. These items may impede airflow and make your unit work harder to cool your home, leading to increased electrical costs and a reduced lifespan.

A contractor can clear all the dirt from the vents to boost airflow. Using the right tools, they'll clean them thoroughly and replace the broken parts with more effective ones. This will improve the quality of air being supplied into your spaces.

Eliminating Debris from the Condenser

It's vital to keep your condenser unit clean at all times because it holds the compressor, fan, and coils. If this system isn't operating well, the heat it absorbs from your house won't be eliminated effectively. It's advisable not to clean your condenser on your own because you may make a mistake that could lead to a house fire.

Contractors use vacuums and other special equipment to remove debris from the condenser's fins. After cleaning, they'll readjust the fins using a straightening tool and oil each port to enable your AC to operate safely and effectively. 

Sealing Leaks

If you're living in an old home, your doors or windows may develop cracks that may leak air. While a few of these cracks may not be something to worry about, if they're extensive, you may have to run your AC for a longer period to attain the comfort you desire.

A technician can examine your doors and windows to identify air leaks. If they find the cracks, they'll use weather strip products to seal them, keeping your house airtight and minimizing the strain on your AC. They may also insulate your unit's ducts to prevent it from activating and deactivating the temperature you've set on the thermostat and leaking air.

If you want to improve your AC's efficiency, you should contact a technician. These professionals can offer several residential HVAC services that will resolve your system's problems and enable it to serve you for a long period.