5 Signs You Need Heating Repair Service To Look At A Faulty Capacitor

Is your furnace failing to work as expected when you switch it on? The problem could originate from the electrical system. A furnace capacitor is a device that regulates a furnace motor start-up current. Furnaces require more power when they're first turned on to get things up to speed, and an internal capacitor provides that power. This component will deteriorate as the furnace grows old. If you notice any of these signs, your furnace capacitor is faulty and needs the furnace repair service:

1. No Heat From the Furnace

Many people don't even think about their furnace capacitors, so a faulty one often goes unnoticed. If you notice that your furnace doesn't seem to be working but you can hear your furnace turning on and off, it might be time to schedule an inspection with a heating repair technician.

2. The Furnace Makes Humming Noises

One sign your furnace capacitor is faulty is when you hear a humming sound. This sound comes from the motor attempting to rotate without success. It might rotate, but the capacitor has failed totally when it gives off an indefinite hum. Call a heating repair service when you hear this sound. 

3. Clicking Noises When Power is Switched On

Do you hear clicking sounds when you switch on the heater? If so, your furnace capacitor is faulty. A capacitor stores power for a short time and then releases it to start up your furnace. When it is faulty, the unsuccessful connection sounds like clicks.

If your home's capacitor isn't working properly, you could end up with a furnace that doesn't run at all or runs sporadically. You need the furnace repair service to look at the capacitor.

4. The Furnace Short Cycles 

Short cycling is when your heating system turns on and off before the thermostat reaches the desired temperature. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore warning signs until their entire HVAC system dies from constant use. You should fix a short cycling furnace quickly because frequent cycling causes energy wastage.

5. Erratic Air Flow 

An issue with your furnace capacitor can cause airflow to be erratic. Air shouldn't feel damp and lukewarm in one part of a room while other areas are too warm. If you're not getting consistent temperature throughout your home, especially when you set it to a specific temperature on your thermostat, suspect your furnace capacitor may be faulty.

The functioning of your furnace makes a big difference to your family's comfort in the cold season, so you must prioritize its repair ASAP after a breakdown. Call a local furnace repair service to have them assess suspected faults and fix them.