The AC Repair Your Air Conditioner Might Need When You Hear Humming Coming From The Condenser

If you're lounging out in the yard and keep hearing an odd humming noise, you should check if it's coming from the AC condenser. Humming could mean the capacitor is dying and you need to have it replaced. You'll want to take action since the capacitor could die soon, and then your air conditioner might not function; but even worse, the compressor or condenser fan motor may be damaged from trying to start with no power from the capacitor. Read More 

Understanding Your Smart Thermostat’s Furnace Alerts

Smart thermostats are an incredible innovation that can make heating and cooling your home more convenient and save money by intelligently monitoring your usage. However, these thermostats also include numerous other features that make your life easier. Some smart thermostats even include the ability to monitor your furnace for potential faults. Since most thermostats can only communicate with the furnace in one direction, smart thermostats monitor your heating system's health by watching for long-term heating patterns. Read More 

Why Is Your Gas Furnace Making Your Home Too Hot?

Lack of heating is a common concern among homeowners in the winter, but too much heating can be equally problematic. While everyone likes coming home to a cozy, warm home during the cold season, sitting in a sweltering living room is never much fun. Turning your thermostat down might provide a reprieve, but it shouldn't be necessary with a furnace that functions correctly.  If you can't seem to control the heat in your house, or some rooms are much warmer than others, your heating system may be suffering from one of these three common problems. Read More 

Some HVAC Maintenance You Will Want To Have Done

You will need to make sure that you are keeping up with the needed maintenance for your HVAC system. This is done so the heating and cooling systems are able to continue to run smoothly and so you can keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Here are a few of those things that you will want to have done by a reputable HVAC technician or contractor.  Ductwork Cleaning Read More 

Causes And Effects Of A Power Surge On Air Conditioning Systems

A power surge occurs if the electrical supply to a circuit or appliance suddenly increases above the normal level. Although power surges can last seconds or minutes, they can still damage electrical appliances, including air conditioners. Below are the causes of power surges, AC damages from power surges, and the protection surge protectors offer. Causes of Power Surge Several things can elevate electrical power to dangerous levels. Below are a few examples. Read More