Should You Buy An Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract?

Air conditioning maintenance contracts offer many basic, annual services for a fixed annual price. Most contracts include inspections, cleanings, a tune-up, and replacement air filters. You can buy a plan whether your air conditioner is brand new or very old, but since they run up to a few hundred dollars per year, make sure it's the right investment for you before signing anything. Pros What exactly you'll get in your contract will vary, but it tends to include the basics that you would get in an annual inspection. Read More 

Emerging Eco-Friendly Technologies For Heating Your Home

If you're looking for new eco-friendly ways to keep your house warm during cold days, you're in luck since this is exactly what's becoming available more and more these days. Here are some examples of eco-friendly approaches to keeping your house warm that let you keep the best of both worlds between being green and cost-friendly. Active Solar Systems Obviously, everyone knows about solar systems for generating heat by now. However, new technology has added a new wrinkle to the old paradigm. Read More 

AC Struggles to Cool Your House in the Late Afternoon? Make it Better With These Tips

If your air conditioning system struggles to cool your home in the late afternoon, it's time to take action. Outdoor temperatures tend to be the warmest between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in most locations. The radiant energy produced by the sun can build up inside the attic especially and wreak havoc on the rest of the home by making hotter. The excessive heat gain forces your air conditioning system to work overtime to remove it. Read More 

Need A Cooling Option For Your Tiny House? What To Pick

If your house is tiny and you don't want to spend a ton of money on a large central air conditioning unit, but your window air conditioners aren't what you want, it's time to make a change. You can talk with a heating and cooling professional about the different cooling options that are available for your smaller home, and what will be the most economic. Since you're only trying to cool down a small space, there are a couple of units that may make more sense than a central system. Read More 

Should I Install A New Heating System In My Addition?

If you have a new addition to your home, you may be looking at different options for heating and cooling systems. In some cases you may be able to add to an existing HVAC system, but in other cases it's better to plan an entirely new heating and cooling system for your addition. Here are some ways to tell which method is best for you.  If Your Old System Has Outdated Technology Read More