Improve Your Home and Health With a Complete Air Duct Cleaning

If you're having issues with a lot of dust and dirt coming up through your air ducts every time the furnace or AC unit comes on, it may be time for a good air duct cleaning. A professional indoor air cleaning is accomplished by taking a camera and placing it inside of your home's ductwork to see how much dust and debris is trapped inside. From there, a professional will extract all of the dirt, leaving behind a fresh-smelling surface that improves air quality in your home. Read More 

Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems That Leave You Without Heat During Cold Weather

Cold weather means that you need to have the heating turned up to prevent freezing and other problems. Problems can arise when you least expect them and leave you without heating when you need it most. Knowing a few simple troubleshooting tips can help you solve the problems quickly and warm the house back up.  1. Checking the Filter and Vents for Clear Airflow Filters and airflow are important for your heating to work efficiently. Read More 

Saving Money On Heating Costs This Coming Winter

If you just purchased your own home, and money is currently tight with the addition of a mortgage payment to undertake, you will most likely want to take steps in trying to save cash whenever possible. The heating you use within your home is one area where you can take steps to minimize the amount you use in an attempt to save on energy costs. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your heating bill low when cooler temperatures arrive. Read More 

Should You Buy An Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract?

Air conditioning maintenance contracts offer many basic, annual services for a fixed annual price. Most contracts include inspections, cleanings, a tune-up, and replacement air filters. You can buy a plan whether your air conditioner is brand new or very old, but since they run up to a few hundred dollars per year, make sure it's the right investment for you before signing anything. Pros What exactly you'll get in your contract will vary, but it tends to include the basics that you would get in an annual inspection. Read More 

Emerging Eco-Friendly Technologies For Heating Your Home

If you're looking for new eco-friendly ways to keep your house warm during cold days, you're in luck since this is exactly what's becoming available more and more these days. Here are some examples of eco-friendly approaches to keeping your house warm that let you keep the best of both worlds between being green and cost-friendly. Active Solar Systems Obviously, everyone knows about solar systems for generating heat by now. However, new technology has added a new wrinkle to the old paradigm. Read More