New To The Southern US? Here’s What You Need To Know About HVAC

Climate and weather vary throughout the United States. As such, the HVAC needs of homeowners in various US regions vary, too. If you recently moved to the southern U.S. from another region, then you may not be overly familiar with how HVAC systems in this region are set up. In the southern U.S., it gets really hot, but winters are pretty mild. The region's approach to HVAC reflects this. Here are the most important things to know about this topic as a newcomer. Read More 

The Importance Of AC Repair To Extend Your Residential Air Conditioning System

When the scorching summer heat arrives, there's nothing more important than a reliable air conditioning system. As a homeowner or renter, ensuring your AC unit is in optimal condition is crucial for maintaining comfort within your living space. This is where AC repair services play a role in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months.  Restoring Cooling Efficiency Over time, AC units can experience wear and tear, causing a decline in their cooling efficiency. Read More 

What To Do If Your AC Unit Ices Over

Air conditioners keep homes cold. So, you may not initially be that alarmed if you see ice or snow building up on your air conditioner. But actually, this is a symptom that you should find worrisome. Air conditioners should not be getting so cold or wet that they accumulate snow or ice. If your AC is icing over, here's what you need to do.  Step 1: Turn the unit off.  Read More 

The AC Repair Your Air Conditioner Might Need When You Hear Humming Coming From The Condenser

If you're lounging out in the yard and keep hearing an odd humming noise, you should check if it's coming from the AC condenser. Humming could mean the capacitor is dying and you need to have it replaced. You'll want to take action since the capacitor could die soon, and then your air conditioner might not function; but even worse, the compressor or condenser fan motor may be damaged from trying to start with no power from the capacitor. Read More 

Understanding Your Smart Thermostat’s Furnace Alerts

Smart thermostats are an incredible innovation that can make heating and cooling your home more convenient and save money by intelligently monitoring your usage. However, these thermostats also include numerous other features that make your life easier. Some smart thermostats even include the ability to monitor your furnace for potential faults. Since most thermostats can only communicate with the furnace in one direction, smart thermostats monitor your heating system's health by watching for long-term heating patterns. Read More